Specs:  Wingspan=22"  Duration=1hour  Weight=1 lb  Range=20km  Payload=250g

NanoBat 22

The rugged NanoBat 22 is based on the patented circular GeoBat  lifting  body airframe. The NanoBat  has a  wide speed range bridging the  gap  between traditional fixed wing and VTOL systems. Geo-Stationary  hovering is possible in light winds making it suitable for cluttered areas as well as high speed dash for rapid entry/exit to remote areas of interest. The NanoBat handles high/gusty winds with ease. With duration up to 1 hour, the NanoBat rivals the best VTOL solutions and packs into a small thin box and requires no assembly. The  NanoBat gives  first responders and war fighters an eye in the sky in under 1 minute.