EchoTrek Guidance System





  • Weight: 28 grams (1 ounce)
  • Size: 1.85" x 1.93", 0.5" tall
  • 4 - 17 Volts, 940 mW
  • 9 Servos, 6 PWM inputs from standard RC gear
  • High speed onboard logging to SD flash memorry
  • Adaptive flight control
  • Powerful multicore processing




Agile/Adaptive Flight Control:

  • Wind-adaptive navigation handles winds 75%+ of flight airspeed.Excellent crabbing in strongcrosswinds. Wind gust contingency handling maintains positive ground speed at all times
  • Adaptive tuning of all navigation parameters: excellent navigation is assured
  • INS-GPS heading control for agile maneuvering•Advanced navigation and stabilization modeling naturally blend together for superior flight control
  • Airspeed-adaptive stabilization control
  • Variable bandwidth filters: smooth controlandhigh responsiveness
  • Auto trim


High Speed Data Logging To Micro-SD Flash:

  • 50 parameters at 4 Hz as comma-delimited ASCII text file


All Sensors Integrated On A Single Board:

  • GPS and antenna
  • 3 axis gyro +/- 300 deg/sec, Analog Devices 4th Gen MEMS gyro, superior resistance to G load/vibration
  • 3 axis accelerometer +/- 16g
  • 3 axis magnetometer
  • Barometric altitude and Pitot Airspeed: Airspeed 0 to 162 knots (300 km/h), GPS (pitch corrected) 163to 972 knots (1800 km/h)NOTE:Speed-adaptive stabilization and navigation control is KEY!



  • Coriolis/centripetal force corrections for accurate attitude estimation•Temperature calibrated -40 to +85 C: Gyro bias to +/- 0.05 deg/second, Accelerometer bias and scale
  • 200 Hz update rate
  • IMU mis-level continually cross calibrated against barometric and GPS data
  • Tilt-compensated magnetic heading


Flight Modes:

  • Manual
  • Assisted, RC or joystick
  • Autonomous


Mission Parameters:

  • Loiter at waypoint and/or to altitude target
  • Photo trigger: intervals of distance or time
  • Return home by reverse flight plan


Payloads Supported:

  • Camera trigger with Geo tags to SD log
  • GeoTrack by Toyon Research
  • Power sensor to 9.3 kW


Additional: Three (3) general purpose aux analog inputs, primary COM port, auxiliary COM port,flexible failsafes and alarms (Flight battery mAh or voltage cutoff limit, Heartbeat loss from groundcontrol), pan/tilt compensation servo driver, autonomous takeoff with G-force trigger for propulsionmotor, supports catapult and bungee launch, multi agent support



Aerobat Aviation





The NEW EchoTrek ET2 Guidance System: The Most Advanced Autopilot For Micro UAVs.


Weighing a mere 1 ounce including GPS and sporting full size servo headers, the ET2 is unrivaled in processing power: 24 parallel cores at 32 bits and 480 million instructions per second.


The highly paralleled multicore design enables control of many simultaneous tasks. The multicore approach is a natural fit for high performance guidance systems and is the wave of the future. The ET2 leapfrogs stepwise evolutionary product development processes taking it to a new level: