1 Meter ThunderBat

Technical Specifications

Mission: To provide Short Range UAS capabilities in support of military units up to the brigade level, harbor patrol, border patrol, special reconnaissance & surveillance, local and state law enforcement, civilian rescue and recovery, civilian land control, civilian farming operations, Fire and Rescue

Features Extremely small ground footprint, enclosed blade, durability, superior aerodynamics, automated flight, autonomous flight, GPS, camera system, controllable through mobile platforms (Android, IOS), customizable to VTOL, airframe provides increased stability in heavy winds

Endurance: 0.75 - 2 hours

Speed: Cruise 30 kts (Range=20 kts - 60 kts)

Operating Alt.: 3,000 ft. max

Wing Span: 1M

Materials: Composite Sandwich, Carbon Fiber

Autopilot: Attopilot V3.0 6dof IMU Ground Control Software: HK Pro GCS Launch: Hand Launch

Weight: No Payload 4.3 lbs; Payload up to 2.0 lbs

The 1 meter ThunderBat is the most versatile of our UAS fleet.
With superior stability, unparalleled structural integrity,
and mission  specific customization kits; the GeoBat
is a next generation UAS system capable of providing a multitude
of solutions to a myriad of mission critical environments.
The ThunderBat stands out in the aerospace field,  ThunderBat
is a lifting body which creates significant  stabilization, safety,
and payload advantges over traditional fixed wing aircraft.
Furthermore, the team at Aerobat Aviation has developed plans
for folding wing, VTOL , and full scale  manned systems, in many
common crash situations, payload ands sensors are protected
by the natural "tuck and roll" design of the ThunderBat. This can
make a huge difference when you are dealing with highly sophisticated
and expensive equipment.
The patented technology is a game changer in the UAS market