Aerobat Aviation Inc. was founded to offer technologically superior solutions for manned and unmanned aerial vehicle mission critical environments.  The future of stable and reliable aircraft design is found within the patented circular airframe technology known as GeoBat, protected by patent #5520355 and patent pending #61/933,833 on the Mono-Circular Wing Technology advancements.  Aerobat is a vertically integrated C-Corporation that develops most of their technologies in-house, allowing them to control the quality and reliability.  Aerobat draws from a wide array of talent found in their elite team of ten professionals combined with a century of experience working in aviation, sensor payload designs and finance.  20 years of research, development and hard work have brought Saucer Aircraft to the forefront of endless possibilities.

Currently Aerobat offers highly durable, lightweight, low cost UAV systems with hand launch capabilities in the 2 meter and below category (Group 1 & 2).  Aerobat’s integrated sensor packages will have applications in areas other than military. For example, the Office of Homeland Security has needs for infrastructure protection, port surveillance, border surveillance and interdiction.


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